I’ve regained a love for reading and knowledge gain, so here are a few resources I’ve put together that have helped me quite a lot (list may change in the future):


  • BudgetsAreSexy (Pretty humorous page and got me focused on tracking my net worth)
  • FinancialSamurai (A lot of financial freedom information presented with pretty good breakdowns)
  • MrMoneyMustache (Basically the evangelist for living the minimalist lifestyle and reaching financial freedom at an early age)
  • BlackWallet (Aimed at urban millennial professionals and has some information on cryptocurrency if that’s your thing)
  • Rockstar Finance (Here’s a searchable¬†directory of other blogs out there that also focus on financial independence)


  • Listen Money Matters (The hosts are kind of funny to me and present information that makes my morning commutes entertaining)
  • Radical Personal Finance (You’ll get in-depth, masters degree level education from this one)
  • Bigger Pockets (this one is all about financial freedom through Real Estate investing)


  • The Richest Man in Babylon (This book was incredibly helpful in getting me on a path towards paying myself first)
  • The Millionaire Next Door (Highlights the habits of America’s millionaires and can be quite eye-opening as far as exposing what habits are hindering you)
  • The Start-Up of You (Not so much a financial book as it is one that motivates you to invest in yourself)


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