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July 2018 Update

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2018 July Net Worth Update:

Starting State (December 2016)

Private – 42,058 (Was still with a high interest private lender)
Federal – 171,911 (At this point, moved loans to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program justttt in case)
Total – 213,969
Net Worth – (-211,536)

Previous Month

Private – 38,116 (-9.4%)
Federal – 151,376 (-11.9%)
Total – 189,492 (-11.4%)
Net Worth – (-118,616)

July 2018:

Private – 37,751 (-10.2%)
Federal – 151,128 (-12.1%)
Total – 188,879 (-11.7%)
Net Worth – (-115,353)

Made a decent little dent in the negative net worth figures and that’s mainly due to getting a slight deal on a house I bought. Likely will be a much larger bump once the rehab is done 🙂

So obviously a glaring figure is that I’m not making much of a dent on the Federal loans, but that’s okay for right now. I’m slowing down on those (for now) because they are covered by PSLF. The private ones I think I will soon be making a very aggressive push to erase.



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